Oz Lotto Lottery Results

Estimated jackpot: A$2,000,000
Oz Lotto

Oz Lotto

$3 m
Tier Match
Winners Payout per winner
Prize #1 I Match
Winners:  0 Payout per winner:   A$0.00
Prize #2 II Match
6+ 1
Winners:  3 Payout per winner:   A$30,739.85
Prize #3 III Match
Winners:  50 Payout per winner:   A$3,797.30
Prize #4 IV Match
5+ 1
Winners:  368 Payout per winner:   A$265.35
Prize #5 V Match
Winners:  2,303 Payout per winner:   A$49.45
Prize #6 VI Match
Winners:  56,354 Payout per winner:   A$23.10
Prize #7 VII Match
3+ 1
Winners:  106,056 Payout per winner:   A$13.75
Total Sum: Total Winners:  165,134 Total Prize:   A$3,253,664.10

Check the current results of the Oz Lotto draw to see if you have won. The results of the Australian lotto draw presented on the LottoMat website are the official results sourced from the authorized website of the Oz Lotto lottery organizer.

Use our lotto archive, where you can find archived results of the Oz Lotto draw from the past weeks and months. This properly maintained archive of lotto results can be used to create your own statistics or choosing your own Oz Lotto set of numbers.

Oz Lotto Prizes and Winners

The Australian Oz Lotto has 7 prize tiers. You need to pick all 7 numbers correctly to claim the jackpot. The minimum jackpot is 2 000 000 AUD. If you haven’t claimed the Oz Lotto jackpot, check your ticket again to see if you have won one of the lower tier prizes.

Remember to check the results of the Oz Lotto draw and your lucky numbers at least twice. Why? Many players inaccurately check the numbers drawn and lose the chance to collect their winnings.

In the table below you can check the detailed information about Oz Lotto prizes and winners: the amount of cash prizes for each prize tier and the number of players who have successfully picked the numbers required for each prize tier.

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Oz Lotto jackpot

Multiple unlimited rollovers are possible in Oz Lotto. If none of the players correctly picked all 7 numbers, the pot goes to the next draw. Thanks to rollovers, the Oz Lotto lottery offers its players very attractive prizes and attracts the interest of lotto enthusiasts not only from Australia.

The record prize pool at Oz Lotto was AUD 111,000,000 in November 2012.

Oz Lotto cash prizes are not taxable in Australia. However, please note that players outside of Australia are subject to the tax laws of their area of residence.

Check out the Oz Lotto jackpot for the next draw and find out how much you can win. Choose your lucky numbers and buy Oz Lotto lottery tickets online. Perhaps the results of the draw will turn out to be happy just for you? This is a chance to win big!

Oz Lotto

Oz Lotto

$3 m
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Incorrect order
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